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Being a creative team at the current time can be hard work. That’s a fact.

However, even in these times of job cuts, budget cuts and mass uncertainty people are showing their faith in the design sector. Inventive design is proving its worth with more businesses looking for creative ways of reinvigorating their name, brand and profitability. It’s working. The only downside is that you are being asked to be more creative, more often and for less money than ever before, and something’s gotta give.

That’s where we come in. For over 10 years we’ve taken the pain out of admin in studios just like yours. Rather than losing post it notes and spilling coffee on your timesheet, come and work with us. You’ll find that we can remind you of the crucial stuff whilst doing the rest in the background. How? With trusted software in your office, on the web, on youriPad and your iPhone.



Stratton Craig

Putting words in the picture...

This is the fourth time we’ve been involved with the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards. It’s a fantastic event that always leaves us feeling inspired.

As a written communications business, Stratton Craig puts words in the picture too. Over 23 years, we have built up a team of dedicated writers with exceptional abilities. And because we’re a team we can offer a level of service, flexibility and creativity that goes beyond what most freelancers can offer.

With our wide range of skills, you’ll always be working with a writer who really understands your challenge and a team that you can rely on.



Institute of Materials

The Materials and Design Exchange (MADE) as a sector group within the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, provides a unique focus for UK product designers to interact with materials specialists. Providing awareness of new materials and processes and signposting towards potential collaborative activity, MADE has drawn together these two communities to address the important societal challenges involving security, health and recycling and re-use. Specialist activity involving smart materials and designing out landfill has led to two overseas business missions and the forward plan provides scope to address the growing interest in application of natural materials.

The Materials KTN is a programme supported by the Technology Strategy Board and managed by IOM3.




Bluefin are independent insurance brokers who specialise in providing impartial advice and innovative solutions for businesses operating in the design sector. Our professional team of experts have many years experience in delivering solutions for design businesses and have been appointed by the DBA to provide members with a range of exclusive products and services.

We’ll work closely with members as trusted insurance partner taking the time to really understand their insurance requirements and the risks they face before suggesting the most appropriate level of cover which delivers true value for money. With around 1700 staff in 50 offices nationwide, we are one of the largest brokers in the UK and place over £600 million premium into the insurance market giving us significant influence and buying power.



Colyer London

Colyer London offers everything from graphics and office supplies to computing and print services, making us a single port of call, helping to support and inspire the creative industries.

Printing - Colyer London is able to provide printing solution in any size, shape and on any material. Whether it is small format like flyers or larger format with banners and POS or even exhibitions or printing on doors, there’s nothing small about our printing solutions.

Computing - From IT infrastructure and networking to workflow and data storage, and being a re-seller for Apple, Xerox, Canon and Epson, there isn’t much we don’t know about printers and computing solutions.

Graphic supplies - Colyer London offers the most comprehensive product range on the market, from great brands, including a full range of recycled products. In fact everything the creative mind needs and desires.

Supplies - Scanners, photocopiers, computer accessories, stationery, folders, envelopes, pens, box files. You name it, we’ve got it.

You think, we help, you create.



The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve.