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The argument that good design is important for both economic and social reasons has become much more accepted in the UK but there remains a big gap between that belief and the reality of what is happening. Why is this? It’s partly because of short-term economic pressures since it requires investment in time, thinking and money to do it well. And it’s partly because the powerful examples of where good design has achieved outstanding results are not well enough known. So these awards play a very important role in celebrating these powerful examples and in communicating them to business, government and society.

The UK has a great reputation internationally for design and the best agencies are all working with international clients. This has been especially important over the last two years when the UK market has been tougher and, through my role with Design Partners, it has been good to see many successes, which have added to this international reputation.

It was a great pleasure to chair the Judging Panel again this year through all its stages with an experienced, insightful and stimulating group of judges. With a high standard of entries, it was a challenge to make decisions between gold, silver and bronze awards but it was a privilege to experience so many wonderful stories of how good design works.

Congratulations to the successful companies and agencies both for winning their awards and for adding to the argument that good design is important.

Andrew Summers

Chairman, Design Partners

The Judging Panel

Ewan Carpenter
Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline

Marie Davies
Hovis Innovation Controller, Premier Foods

Isabel Rodrigues
Senior Brand Manager, Cancer Research UK

Simon MacDowal
Director, Communications & Marketing, HMRC

Maxine Groucutt
Head of Visual Identity, Liberty

Richard Bowyer
Head of Brand Strategy, BT Group Marketing & Brand

Rebecca Singleton
Head of Non Food Marketing, Sainsburys

Hilary Forrester
Marketing Executive, The British Land Company

Polly Adams
Head of Marketing, World Pay

Rupert Thomas
Director of Marketing, Waitrose Ltd

Paul Dickinson
Director of Sales and Marketing, Virgin Atlantic

Rachel Neaman
Deputy Director, Corporate Comms, Department of Health

Steve Elworthy
Director of Marketing and Comms, England & Wales Cricket Board

Chris Gottlieb
Brand Director, Vision, BBC

Graham Burchell
Challs International, Challs International

Matthew Stammers
Marketing Director, Capita

Matthew Warren
Brand Director, Logica

Caoimhe Buckley
Marketing and Communications Director, UKTI

Tim Molloy
Head of Creative Direction, Science Museum

Joe Clift
Brand and Customer Marketing Director, Lloyds TSB Banking Group

Luke Mansfield
Head of Product Innovation, Samsung

Thomas Delabriere
Marketing Director, Innocent Dinks

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve.