AGENCY: The Team

For EDF Energy, health and safety at work is a key area of focus. Health and safety at home, however, had been somewhat overlooked, and was beginning to impact on staff morale and employment capacity.

The Team were commissioned to design and develop an internal communications programme to drive home messages about personal health and wellbeing. Knowing that employees needed to be reached in their regions, The Team devised two complementary tools: an innovative 3D film that communicated safety messages, and a travelling Victorian circus to grab people’s attention. As a backdrop for the film, the circus, with its juggling and acrobatics, provided a strong analogy for the balancing acts of everyday life.

Creating a real buzz, the campaign succeeded in making an impact and changing employee behaviours. As a result, 74% of field-service employees are more aware of hazards in their home. Serious injuries have dropped by 30% and minor injuries by 11%.