The Ice Cream Union
CLIENT: The Ice Cream Union

In 2009, Sulqui Ice Cream decided the time had come to elevate their business to a more professional level. Looking for new direction and differentiation in an increasingly competitive market, Sulqui approached Interstate for guidance.

Interstate proposed a total brand overhaul and repositioning. Wanting to portray Sulqui as ‘the authority’ within the UK ice cream sector, Interstate created a new name that communicates quality and confidence: The Ice Cream Union. They then devised a flexible typographic style that could support a number of different narratives, conveying key statements relating directly to the product, producers and ingredients. An open and mature tone-of-voice was also created, with key words such as ‘dedication’, ‘pride’ and ‘passion’ being central to the overall proposition.

The return on investment through rebranding resulted in an increase of 720% like-for-like sales. The company also saw a 715% increase in production output, and a 330% increase in wholesale customers year-on-year.