Breathe Business
CLIENT: Breathe Business

Two successful individuals who provided one-to-one coaching to the dental industry had hit the buffers. Working flat-out, with no time or capacity for additional clients, they needed help to take their business to the next level.

Drafted in as brand consultants, Absolute saw that a new name was crucial to the transformation process. Looking to recreate, rather than just reposition, the company, Absolute invested time and energy exploring naming options, arriving finally at Breathe. They then created an identity that was simple, modern and professional, as well as highly emotive.

As Breathe, the fledgling two-man business became a team of ten within two years. The company saw 100% retention of clients, all of whom felt re-energised and part of the new brand’s success. Even after one of its founding members left, Breathe has gone on to become the largest independent business coaching company for the dental sector in the UK.